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Frequently asked questions

Working through Barclays Financial Wings

I’ve registered, what do I do next?

The modules in Financial Wings are grouped into three themes:

  • Getting your finances started- essential knowledge on running a bank account for the first time, organising your payments and giving your everyday banking a spring clean.
  • Achieving your dreams- essential knowledge on achieving your financial goals such as owning a home or retirement.
  • Addressing money worries- essential knowledge for people with money worries on getting their finances back on track.

Click a theme that’s on your mind, and have a look at the modules inside. You can start your learning with any module and complete them in any order you choose. To get started, decide on a module you like the look of and click the module title.

Each module contains bite-sized chapters of information. After reading each chapter you can test your knowledge with a multiple-choice quiz. There is no pass mark, but the more questions you answer correctly, the more points you will earn. If you don’t get them all correct first time, don’t worry, you can just explore the relevant learning again before you re-take the test.

Once you’ve taken your test, your progress for that chapter is saved.

How do I collect points?

Points are collected whenever you complete a knowledge check quiz, or attest that you have completed a Next Steps activity. The maximum points available for questions in each chapter are 100 and embedding activities range from 10 to 200 points.

Is there a limit on how many times I can take the knowledge checks?

There is no limit on the number of times you can take the knowledge check quizzes. Take your time to work your way through the content until you’re comfortable, then re-take the quiz. Even if you passed previously, you have the opportunity to go back and score more points if you can answer more questions correctly. Good luck!

What happens if I lose connection during a knowledge check?

Unfortunately, if you lose connection or exit Financial Wings during a knowledge check quiz your answers will not be saved as there isn’t a bookmark facility. You’ll have to restart the quiz once you’ve re-established your connection.

What are next steps activities?

Next steps activities are designed to help you put your learning into practice. They are also a way to earn a large number of points!

There are different types of activity and you can complete as many or as few as you wish and from whichever modules you choose – there is nothing to stop you from completing all of them!

How do I track my progress?

Once you’ve logged in you will be able to see your progress at a glance at the top of the home page. You will also see progress on the ‘Performance’ tab. Here you will be able to see your overall progress, as well as a detailed breakdown of your progress through the modules.


I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the “forgotten password” link underneath the “Log in” button. You’ be emailed a link to reset your password.

I’m having problems registering...

If you’re having problems registering, please make sure you’re using a current and valid email address. Please note that the password field is case-sensitive.

The videos don’t seem to be working...

All videos may require time to buffer before they can play so please check that you have a strong internet connection.

Will users need some sort of media plug in to watch certain videos?

All videos have been created and coded with a view to being played on any device.

Feedback and complaints

How do I give feedback about Financial Wings?

Please click “Contact Us” and fill out the online form with your contact information and feedback.

What If I want to make a complaint?

We’re sorry you feel you need to complain about Barclays Financial Wings. Letting us know when you’re unhappy gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you and improve our service for everybody.

Click “Contact Us” and complete the online form. To help us resolve your complaint, we’ll need the following:

  • A description of your concern
  • What you’d like us to do to put things right
  • Your name and address
  • A daytime phone number and best time to contact you

If you are unhappy with any other Barclays products or services please visit