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Privacy policy

General principles

Barclays is committed to keeping your information private. By ‘your information’ we mean any information about you that you or third parties provide to us. This policy relates to the privacy of your information at Financial Wings is a free accreditation for Barclays staff members. The Barclays Group’s Privacy Principles below explain how we will handle your information.

Online services

1. Information we collect

When completing any online forms, we will tell you how your information will be used and any associated terms and conditions.

2. How we use your information

2.1 Marketing

The Financial Wings programme will use your information to inform you by letter, telephone, text (or similar) messages, email and other electronic methods about the Financial Wings programme, products or services that may be of interest to you. You may tell us at any time if you don’t want to receive marketing communications about the Financial Wings programme by sending your full name and address to

2.2 Statistics and feedback

We may also use your information for research and statistical analysis with the aim of improving our services. The information in these reports is not personal and you will not be identifiable from them. We use these reports to perform statistical analyses of users’ behaviour so that we can develop and improve the service to you by enhancing the content available and improving site navigation. We may share these statistical and anonymised reports with third parties including non-Barclays companies, such as employers who actively encourage use of the Barclays Community Wings programme, and want to assess the continued relevance of the programme.

2.3 Retention

We will retain information collected about you online for as long as permitted for legitimate business purposes.

3. Use of cookies

For information about cookies and how they are used on this website, visit our cookies page.

4. Security

To find out about how we will keep your information secure and how you can protect your own information online, visit our cookies page.

If you are also a Barclays customer or already have a relationship with us you will have been advised by various methods as to how we collect and use your information.

If you have any questions about privacy at Barclays please contact the Barclays Privacy and Data Protection Team at 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP.